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Experience the driving force behind productivity with Single Screw Compressors Sdn Bhd's exceptional air compressors. Unleash the power of compressed air for your projects. Navigate through our product lineup for the perfect match, or opt for a deeper dive by downloading our informative PDF catalog. Elevate your workmanship – explore the difference today.

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Double Screw Air Compressor
Economical Classic Model

Double Screw Standard Model (ZL Series)

Energy-efficient compressor solution, ensuring substantial power savings.

Double Screw PM Motor Model (ZMVF series)

PM motor + inverter

Industrial Scroll Compressor
Small, Compact and Silent!

Scrolls (OX Series)

Next gen technology, powerful durability and silent.

Laser-Cutting Scrolls (OXX Series)

Customizable, 16 bar high pressure, 11 - 37 Kw.

Single Screw Oil-Injected Compressors

Oil-Injected Standard Models (OGFD Series)

Single screw 3-line contact profile technology.

Oil-Injected Inverter Models (POGFD Series)

PM motor variable speed inverter control.

Oil-Free Compressors

Oil-Free Standard Models (OGWFD Series)

Water injected screw techonology

Oil-Free Inverter Models (POGWFD Series)

PM Motor water injected screw technology

TWO-Stage Compression Series

2-Stage Model

High volume output, improved efficiency, reducing the energy consumption.

Refrigerated Air Dryer

High inlet temperature (max 80 C)


Oil Filter
Air Filter
Oil Separator

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